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Proud Boys descended into dysfunction after US Capitol riot, new messages show|US judge rules Harvey Weinstein can be extradited to California to stand trial|Analysis: Biden's gamble with Putin in Geneva|Billionaire Mackenzie Scott gives away another £2bn|Opinion: We're beginning to see the real Kamala Harris|
Analysis: Biden's gamble with Putin in Geneva

Analysis: biden's gamble with putin in geneva

In 1955, US President Dwight Eisenhower met the leaders of France, the UK and the Soviet Union in Geneva, in a meeting designed to defuse tensions that threatened to pitch the world back into war. In 1985, President Ronald Reagan and General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev forged a personal relationship in Geneva that was one of the first steps in ending the Cold War. [...]

Opinion: We're beginning to see the real Kamala Harris

Opinion: we're beginning to see the real kamala harris

The vice president was criticized by Republicans and Democrats for comments she made on her first foreign trip to Guatemala, but as a Black woman, I understood that she was trying to balance being authentic and honest with being politically correct, all while under the pressure to please everyone on all sides of a complex immigration issue, writes Roxanne Jones. [...]

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