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Polypill prevents third of heart problems|Amazon fires: How bad have they got?|The 'Never Trumpers' are getting very, very desperate|Overstock CEO: bitcoin a 'form of sound money' - CNN Video|Overstock's exit from retail is getting back on track. It wants to go all-in on blockchain|
The 'Never Trumpers' are getting very, very desperate

The 'never trumpers' are getting very, very desperate

It speaks to the total takeover of the Republican Party by Donald Trump that the lingering "Never Trump" movement within the GOP is reduced to trying to pretend they are excited about the idea of Joe Walsh, Mark Sanford or Bill Weld as their banner carrier in next year's presidential primary. [...]

Profile of the mysterious Maria Butina (2018) - CNN Video

Profile of the mysterious maria butina (2018) - cnn video

Maria Butina is a 29-year-old Russian who is accused of acting as a foreign agent in the United States and allegedly using sex and deception to build her network of influential international connections. CNN's Randi Kaye looks into her past. This report first aired in July 2018. [...]

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